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New Mom, New Woman
Creating Your Smart Motherhood Plan

New Mom, New Woman helps you figure out how to make your life as a mother work for you too.

Thought provoking exercises will show you how to close the gap between what you expected, what is actually happening and what you want. Learn how to navigate better and find your unique way.

Develop broader perspective as a Mom while relishing your desires as a Woman. Stay connected to your dreams.


Create a life you love.

Available at Amazon.

Life After 'I Do!'


“Many of us wish we had a good friend who could hear the grisly details of our married live without losing faith in the basic goodness of our marriages, give us wise, simple, pragmatic advice, offer consistent support no matter what happened. Rachel Egan is that friend. Her book, Life After "I Do!" is the written equivalent of the nurturing neighbor who leans over the backyard fence to tell encouraging anecdotes and suggest effective solutions for various marital and parenting woes.  It’s good-humored, compassionate, and thoughtful.  Read it; get your spouse to read it, and if your spouse refuses, read it again. It helps!”

Martha Beck, PhD, Columnist for O, The Oprah Magazine


Available at Amazon

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