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The Truth About Balance 

(60 minutes on-site)

An honest and accurate account for expectant and new moms: what to expect, what is "normal", and how to enjoy your new life. Designed specifically for women who are juggling multiple demands and who understand the benefit of purposely scheduling time to take stock, get centered, and plan their next move.





New Parent Transition Program

(6 thirty minute telephone conversations, supported by

email contacts between sessions)


All change affects your equilibrium - even a wonderful change like having a baby. Thankfully, you do not have to navigate the early months of motherhood alone. The New Parent Transition Program teaches you how to weave your personal and professional roles into a wonderful rich tapestry. It is a 3-step program of self-discovery and intentional change:


Part 1

Life with Baby


Without the built-in structure, camaraderie and discipline of your workplace, you may feel isolated and lonely. There will be times when you find yourself wondering if this is way more than you can handle. You will gain an objective, impartial ear to sound out all your hopes, fears and concerns. Plus, we will explore all aspects of the life you desire through personal development exercises.



Part 2

Planning and Preparing your Return to Work

Happiness, balance and a fulfilling life do not just happen; it takes planning. Plans work! You will learn how to assess the new realities of your life and determine the best way to organize it. You will discover how to embrace change and become more flexible in your thinking. We will devise strategies to streamline and integrate your personal and professional responsibilities.



Part 3

Transitioning Back to Work

You are deprived of sleep, worried about leaving your baby, and people at work expect you to be the same person you were before this life-changing experience. Coaching support during this time will ease your transition back to work. You will be able to let off steam in a safe, supportive and confidential environment. Using concrete examples from your personal and professional life, you will master the choices of: must-do, let-it-go, delegate. 

"I’ve gotten to see Rachel in action and she has an amazing gift of telling the truth that inspires you to make your life better. She helps you organize your life so you have the time and energy for the full, passionate life you yearn for.”

- Jennifer Louden, Best-selling Author, International Retreat Leader

"Response to the New Parent Transition Program has been very positive. It is a practical and convenient approach to personalized support around the challenges of transitioning between the important role of worker and parent. Egan offers suggestions and helps parents put together a plan for re-entry into the working world. As a result, employees come back to Harvard feeling more empowered.”

- Harvard University Resource, October 2005 

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